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iKOMP is newly listed on KRW market of FOBLGATE.


■ Deposit available from 6PM on June 1st, 2021
■ Trade available from 4PM on June 2nd, 2021
■ Transaction Fee : 0.05%
■ Withdrawal Fee : 0.15 iKOMP
* Purchase orders are limited for 5 minutes after listing.

IKOMP Listing Event

Ripple (XRP) will be paid to the top 5 members with a total transaction amount of at least $2000 at FOBLGATE during the event period.
(Total transaction amount = Total purchase + Total sell)
■ Event Period
June 2nd~13th 2021
■ Prizes
-1st : 12,000 XRP
-2nd : 8,000 XRP
-3rd : 5,000 XRP
-4th : 3,000 XRP
-5th : 2,000 XRP
■ Winner Announcement
June 15th , 2021
■ Recompense
Prizes will be paid within 7 business days after the winner announcement.

Our official channels


iKOMP is a Defi yield farming project that provides liquidity in UniSwap and mines iKOMP by staking the received LP tokens in iKOMP’s liquidity pool.

Liquidity Mining

The iKOMP liquidity pool consists of the Kompass foundation ecosystem tokens.

iKomp requested a smart contract audit report from the Knownsec blockchain security team and finally received a pass for all items.

iKomp audit report summary

ERC20 contract token function
Audit result:
The token function of ERC20.sol is used for authorization, transfer, minting and destruction. The function is reasonable, and the function does not have security problems.

Compiler version security
Audit result:
After testing, the smart contract code has formulated the compiler version 0.5.15 within the major version, and there is no such security problem.

Use of safe arithmetic library
Audit result:
After testing, the SafeMath safe arithmetic library has been used in the smart contract code, and there…

BTC, BNB, MBZ are now tradable in Kompass Market.
MBZ can be staked in BTCREITs single pool.

What is BTCR REITs?
It is a BSC (Binance Smart Chain)-based DeFi project that provides liquidity to MDEX, stakes received LP tokens, and mining BTCR token. The mined BTCR tokens can participate in the real estate business conducted by Brick Factory.

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421 iKOMP has burned burned for two days from May 3rd to May 4th.

Starting with this token burn, iKOMP will burn in the form of a buyback as much as the fees used in MOBUILDZ. Our policy of purchasing and burning of iKOMP as much as the foundation’s profits is to prevent reckless issuance of the market and increase the value of iKOMP.

The daily burn will be announced through the official channel.

May 3
1 iKOMP has been burned.


May 4
420 iKOMP has been burned.


Our official channel👉


1. Signed an MOU with Coineal, a global exchange to expand blockchain services

iKOMP has formed an alliance with the NFT auction platform <MOBUILDZ> and begins to expand its ecosystem.

<MOBUILDZ> is officially opened on April 21.
For those who using iKOMP as transaction fee, you will get 50% of discount for transaction fee.

What is <MOBUILDZ>?

It is an NFT auction platform that can generate up to 12% of auction profits by transacting NFT building cards between users in an auction bidding method.


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In the NFT auction platform <Mobuildz>, iKOMP will be used as a transaction fee.


10% of the issuance amount will be incinerated on April 21 at 00:00 (KST)

Application of half-life(KST)

  • 1st half-life : April 21, 2021 at 00:00 (mining per day: 100 iKOMP -> 50 iKOMP)
  • 2nd half-life : May 21, 2021 at 00:00 (mining per day: 50 iKOMP -> 25 iKOMP)

Detailed explanation of <Mobuildz> will be announced soon

The incineration and half-life policy is a policy to prevent value deterioration due to indiscriminate distribution of iKOMP. Total amount of circulation will be reduced with same mining period.

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From March 18, 2021 20:00 (UCT+9), the service name of Kompass Wallet will be changed to Kompass Market.
New version is focused on the virtual currency trading market in accordance with the new service name.

We inform you of the new functions & UI added and revised.

  • Overall UI changes for user convenienc
  • Enhancement of escrow transactions
  • Feedback system between members
  • View Member’s profile information
  • More stabilized deposit and withdrawal system
  • Bug fixes

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Community-based Defi wallet service

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