(ENG) Guideline Part 1 - How to create MetaMask wallet(Mobile)

★Meta Mask : Personal wallet linked to DAPP based on ETH(Ethereum) blockchain

Step 1. App Installation

Install MetaMask app from IOS / Android.

Step 2. Create MetaMask wallet

Run the installed MetaMask app and click the “Create a new wallet” button to create your wallet.

Step 3. Set Password

★ Password is used when unlocking MetaMask app on your device

1. Set your password to use for MetaMask wallet.

2. The two screens that appear after creating the password can be skipped, just click “start” button.

3. Reconfirm your password.

Step 4. Seed phrase

★ Seed phrase : This list of words can restore your wallet when you install MetaMask again after delete or install it on a new device. You must not lose or leak it!

1. 12 seed phrase will appear when you touch the grey area shown in the image.

2. In the next step, you must enter them in order and be sure to write them down on a paper not on a electronic memo.

(Make sure to wirte down the seed phrase of your device screen not the one on the sample below.)

* This is for a sample screen only.

Step 5. Key in the seed phrase

1. Select the 12 words you wrote down on the paper in order.

2. Selecting the words in the correct order will active the “Complete Backup” button.

3. Click “Complete Backup” to go to the last step.

★ If your seed phrase is lost, it is impossible to recover your wallet. Make sure write down in a real paper and keep it well. Be careful not to leak it to others.

Step 6. Complete your wallet creation

If you successfully enter the seed phrase, a congratulatory screen will appear. Click “I agree” button to agree with the terms and condition, then you will see the newly created wallet screen.

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