iKOMP mining begins!

Kompass foundation’s sencond DeFi Yield Farming Project, iKOMP is opended!

Project overview

Token info

Farming Pool

iKOMP project is special by following reasons

  • iKOMP is used as a transaction fee for Kompass Wallet, a virtual currency direct trading platform, is enabling asset circulation in the ecosystem.
  • By Referral program, additional iKOMP are paid according to the size and activity of your referrals.
  • IKOMP can provide more stable liquidity because it shares some pools with the HLAND project.
  • If you participate in Lottery with your iKOMP, you can invest to the entertainment element, which can become the protagonist of luck. (to be opened)

If you want to participate to this project, go to 👉 https://ikomp.app

Way to get material tokens for mining iKOMP

✔️KOMPASS Wallet (www.kompasswallet.io)
- Purchaseable tokens: KOMP, HPLUS, USDT
-Check the video for how to use KOMPASS Wallet!
👉 https://youtu.be/clUXKnZzNDU

✔️Uniswap (https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap)
-Purchaseable tokens: KOMP, HPLUS, USDT, HLAND

✔️Bigone (https://big.one/en)
-Purchaseable tokens: KOMP, USDT, HLAND

✔️Oasis/KOR Won Market (https://oasisexc.com)
-Purchaseable tokens: KOMP, HPLUS, HLAND

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