Kompass, Community-based Defi wallet service

Make every digital asset holder experiences a truly secure, free and transparent blockchain application service.

Since the advent of bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain in 2009, thousands of coins have been constantly being produced and extinguished. In the process, problems such as fraud have occurred, and investors have become more difficult to invest in.

To solve these problems, the world is paying attention to smart financial technology, which provides services related to intelligent, specialized, and individualized investment financial technology using AI and Big Data.

KOMPASS aims to become a true decentralized digital asset network service by adding a community-based De-Fi wallet to the smart investment concept that provides a better investment experience for users.


The KOMP project aims to establish a viable and specific cryptocurrency investment platform to bring the highest quality investment opportunities to everyone.

KOMPASS wallet pre-registration is available from Sep 10th 2020.

Investors can simply register Kompass wallet and open their accounts by trading USD in KRW without going through KYC. The purchased USDT is encrypted cash, allowing you to directly buy various assets within KOMP ecosystem, or transfer them to another exchange to trade digital currency.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/kompasswallet

Community-based Defi wallet service

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