Kompass Wallet Global Updates

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Global Updates will be applied from 19th Nov.

After the update, the service is available in 3 languages, Korean, Chinese, and English for all global user. In addition to the existing USDT, ETH and OMP transactions are also possible.

Now trade USDT, ETH, and KOMP in Kompass Wallet.

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  • Added trading market: Korea, China
  • Added tradable coins : USDT, ETH, KOMP
  • Transaction fee coin change : USDT → KOMP

Don’t miss the event to celebrate the global update!

New membership Event
If you sign up for a new one, you will receive 3 USDT.
👉 Event Period : From 25th Nov. until USDT is exhausted.

Freemarket ETH Discount Event
You can but ETH at a discount.
👉 Details : Sale 1,000 ETH every day at a 1% discount to the market price of Huobi Exchange.
👉 Event Period : From 25th Nov. until ETH is exhausted.

What is Kompass Wallet?

A global cryptocurrency wallet service that allows you to easily and safely trade and invest in major cryptocurrencies.

Kompass Wallet Free Market

✔️ Easily and quickly transact in Korean Won and USDT
You can quickly and securely purchase coins through the trading account registered with Kompass Wallet.
ETH and KOMP can be purchased directly with your own USDT.

✔️ Coin price that you can set your own way
Now you can buy and sell coins at the price you want, not the exchange price.

✔️ A system that lowers the entry threshold for investment and coin transactions
Kompass Wallet focuses on wallet and free market functions, subtracting complex information, and planning a UI that is as intuitive as possible so that even first-time users can easily use it. In addition, by setting the world’s major stable coin, USDT, as the major currency, overseas investment is possible without the hassle and commission of currency exchange.

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