KOMPASS x Uniswap Airdrop Event

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Hello Kompass Community!

We are here to presents the direction of investment. Did you know about Defi DEX (Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange) Uniswap, which has recently issued its own governance token, UNI?
Finally, Kompass token (KOMP) listed on Uniswap! Now, if you participate in ETH-KOMP POOL in Uniswap, you can get 0.3% transaction fee.
And we decided to give more benefits to the users of KOPASS.

This is an Airdrop Event that runs every day!

Kompass x Uniswap Airdrop Event

KOMP will be differentially provided to all participants in the ETH-KOMP POOL according to the % of the share of pool. (If your share of poo l% is high, you can get more KOMP.) The event will be held from 11pm KST on SEP 20th, and the number of KOMP provided will be announced on the same day.

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How to participate?

  1. Join the KOMPASS Official Community.
    ▶️KOMPASS Official Telegram: https://t.me/kompassKr
  2. Join Uniswap (https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool) ETH-KOMP POOL.
  3. Capture the image (participated screen) and send it to us. (The image must show the time you participated in)

To Participate

Submit the screen to participate in Uniswap’s ETH-KOMP POOL here. ▶️Participate in the event: https://han.gl/Epc39


● The number of KOMPs provided varies every day, and the quantity can be checked in the community on the same day.
● Every event closes at 11:00 PM (KST).
● The event ends when the prepared amount of tokens runs out.
● The event is subject to changes and may end early at the discretion of the company.
● Token distribution may be cancelled if the participant joins the event in an unjust way.
● To inquire: Kompass official telegram

What is KOMPASS?

KOMPASS lowers the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency investment through DeFi-based Kompass wallet and launches various DeFi services to provide users with a safe and proper investment direction.

▶️Komapss wallet Pre-registration: https://kompasswallet.io/

Our other resources:

Homepage: http://kompasswallet.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kompass.wallet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOMPASS_Defi

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